Help us raise funds to break the poverty cycle and make Islamized education more accessible to the less fortunate and earn a Halal income at the same time.

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Use Your Voice to Benefit The Underprivileged

As an influencer in the Muslim space, you are a driving force in shaping opinions, behaviors, and trends.

Your unique ability to connect with your audience on a personal level presents an incredible opportunity to benefit the Ummah.

Why not use your voice and platform to raise funds for noble causes and make a tremendous and everlasting impact for the sake of Allah?

Become an Affiliate

Many Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Whether you are helping create awareness, encouraging others to donate, or getting other influencers to collaborate, we are open to all the ways you'd like to help - no matter how big or small.

If you have any creative ideas on how we could work together, we'd be happy to have a conversation - please feel free to reach out.

The most important thing is that the efforts we do together will create a  generational change and improve the lives of Muslims for the better.

Become an Affiliate

“Whoever starts a good deed in Islam will have the reward for that and the reward of those who do it after him"

Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ)

Muslim 1017

Rewards in This Dunya and Akhira

By utilizing your influence to raise funds for one of our many causes, you'll have the opportunity to impact the lives of the underprivileged through education and earn tremendous rewards in the Akhira.

Additionally, as a token of our appreciation for your efforts, we are offering you a commission on all funds you raise.

What better way to earn a halal income and invite barakah into your lives that by becoming a voice for those in need?

Become an Affiliate

Fundraise For International Open University Today

With more than 200 people from around the world representing the IOU family, we welcome you to join our diverse and multicultural team and become a champion of Islamized higher education!

Together, let's change the lives of those less fortunate than us and empower them with an Islamized education, inshaAllah.

May Allah accept our efforts, bless us, and put barakah in our lives and all our endeavors. Ameen!

Become an Affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions

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