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Want to Change Lives Through Education?

With over 270,000 beneficiaries of our educational programs from over 195 countries, IOU has always had the vision to impact the lives of Muslims.

The goal of our philanthropic efforts is to empower underprivileged Muslims through education and ultimately change the Ummah for the better.

We invite you to join us in making a profound impact and to share in the reward by making a charitable contribution to one of our many causes.

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Why Not Become an IOU Patron?

IOU has always aimed to keep our fees as low as possible. At the same time, we are always looking to constantly grow and expand our programs to benefit more people.

The reality is that to achieve this, we need regular donors to help us reinvest our funds to grow our community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

With a minor monthly pledge, you can become a backbone supporter of IOU and get the reward of every Muslim that benefits from any of our programs.

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Need to Fulfill Your Zakat Obligations?

As Muslims, it is necessary that we fulfill our Zakat obligations as commanded by Allah and ensure that it reaches the intended recipients in an efficient, transparent, and legal manner.

To achieve this, IOU has partnered with Al-Amin Trust Fund, USA, and Global Open Learning Foundation, Malaysia, to collect and distribute your Zakat to our several Zakat-eligible projects.

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